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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Beware, More rain, more MOLD!

How mold can be controlled? (Tips for controlling mold problem).

Moisture is one of the most important factors for the growth of mold. By making sure that the level of moisture is under check you can keep molds at bay.

(Relative humidity i.e. RH can help in finding out when you need to dehumidify your building/house)· If there is any water leakage/intrusion, pipe leak, roof leak, condensation problem etc; it should be corrected first.

Ensure the air conditioners, HVAC systems, and air/ventilation ducts are clean. Normally mold formed in these systems is more dangerous as it easily escapes the human eye inspection.

Bathrooms are the most prone places for mold formation and growth. The tiles, curtains and appliances inside the bathrooms should be properly cleaned/removed in order to avoid mold formation.

If possible, use air purifiers to cleanse the air inside your house. Air purifiers can help in reducing the airborne particles of mold spores. There are many paints/anti mold products available in market that can resist moisture and/or mold at certain level. Using such products can also help in prevention of mold.

If mold is allowed to remain intact and grow it could be the costliest and deadliest intruder you will ever encounter in your home. Children, babies and pets are very susceptible to the hazards of moldy conditions. Get a jump start on mold before it becomes a problem. Killing it early will save you hundreds to thousands of dollars.