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Monday, March 3, 2014

Omaha Water 7th Worst in US!

Omaha' tap water ranked 7th worst in a study conducted by The Environmental Working Group.  Read more about it by clicking here
Some of the water Metropolitan Utilities District filters and treats for use in your tap water comes from the Missouri River and some of it comes out of wells dug in Sarpy County and Western Omaha.
The Environmental Working Group found 42 of the 142 contaminates they tested for in Omaha's water.  One-half of the 42 were above health guidelines and 4 were above the safe limit established by the EPA.
If this study has you thinking about your options to provide safe and clean drinking water to your family, you are not alone.  Many people go through cases of bottled drinking water each year but there are consequences to buying the bottles too.  Do you really know the quality of the water you are purchasing?  Were the cases out in the sun too long during shipping?  Are there contaminates related to the thin plastic bottles?  What is the impact to the environment and landfills with so many used, depleted bottles?
Another option is to purchase jugs and bottles and have them refilled at many locations throughout the Omaha area.  Most grocery stores and health food stores have a water station to fill your own jugs.  It is usually less costly than buying cases of the bottled water and less impact to the environment.
By far the best option is to have a water filtering and conditioning system installed in your own home.  It would be the most cost effective and least impact to the environment than the other two options.  A water softener would allow you to use 1/4 of the normal amount of soap and detergents as you do with the hard tap water from MUD.  Your skin and hair would feel soft and clean when you exit the shower with no residue of soap remaining to give you the itches.
For your drinking water the best choice is a Reverse Osmosis system, usually installed under the kitchen sink or in the basement.  It uses the water line pressure to force water through a very effective filter which removes 99% of most contaminates and hard minerals.  The filters usually last a year or so before you need to have them replaced.

The best local source for both of these installed units is Futuramic's Clean Water Center. They sell and service most water conditioning systems like the water softeners and reverse osmosis systems.  They can rent the systems out for a low monthly cost and provide service each year to ensure the units are working at their top quality.  They've been in Omaha since 1969 and do they ever know about water!  They even have fresh, filtered water on tap so you can refill your own jugs.
There are so many other reasons to get a softener and RO unit installed in your home.  Talk to the folks at Futuramic's, they'll test your water and give you all of the great data and information you need.  You can reach them at 402.453.5730