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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

$$$ For Clunker Appliances Nebraska Version Started July 6th.

Updating appliances will save you $$$ in operating and utility costs over many years!

Rebates expire soon (or will run out of funding) for retiring a “seasoned” appliance and replacing it with an up-to-date energy-efficient one. Nebraska will use a system that requires the consumer to fill out a mail-in form to claim the rebate on Energy Star appliances available only at verified retailers. The program had been delayed but rebates are available now, until funds run out ($1.7 Million, almost $1 million already allocated in the first day July 6th). In Iowa, the same program ran out of funds in a matter of hours so be on the ball if you want to take advantage of this program.

Nebraska will recognize the following products as eligible for rebates:

Eligible Products Rebate Amount
Central Air Conditioning $100
Heat Pumps $250
Refrigerators $100
Natural Gas & Propane Furnaces $250
Clothes washers up to $200 (depends on model)
Dishwashers $50

All products must meet strict state specifications with the exception of central air conditioners, air source heat pumps, and gas furnaces, which must meet the stricter Federal requirements.

Purchase must be made from "registered" retailers within the state of Nebraska, and after July 6th. Purchases made before the program start date do not qualify. Consumers must "self-certify" the new unit will replace a clunker unit. For more information visit the Nebraska Energy Office website. There is a limit of (2) rebates per household.
Residents are encouraged to utilize Nebraska Public Power District and the Omaha Public Power District programs to recycle clunker refrigerators.

Nebraskan’s can also receive a 5-year, 5% bank loan at a certain lenders that participate in the program.