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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

VIEW YOUR HOME AS AN ASSET…though it can be a liability.

 In the American culture we pay for things we don’t want to do ourselves or pay for someone else’s expertise.   Here are a few examples:

We pay a doctor to evaluate and treat us and our loved ones.  We pay an accountant to complete our taxes, prepare our books or keep payroll.  We pay the HVAC, Electrician, Plumber or other tradesman to repair fixtures or appliances in our homes, and we pay an investment company, stockbroker or financial planner to help us decide where to sock away our earnings for the best return.

For many Americans their home is one of the largest investments they will make.  Though you may not view it as an asset which will provide you a return, neglect it and you may have to pony up some cash to sell it; a pickle many have been in the past few years.

So far this season we have found numerous points of deterioration on some of our customer’s homes.  In several cases if we had not been at the home already it is most likely the damage would have been overlooked and progressed into an even costlier repair.  In the long run, the money you spend today on the maintenance and upkeep of your home will prevent you from spending thousands more if it were to be neglected. 

There are no construction companies that offer a Home Maintenance Program to the degree that Mr. Handyman does.  We systematically inspect and perform numerous tasks that are often neglected by the homeowner.  The neglect is rarely willful; it’s just a matter of skill level and free time. 

While the performance of the maintenance tasks is the key to the program I feel the most important, yet virtually unrealized benefit is this:  Twice a year you will have a professional set of eyes inspecting and looking at the condition of your home.

Here are the basics of our Annual Maintenance Program:

·         Peace of Mind Twice each year, in the spring and in the fall Mr. Handyman initiates the call to schedule your appointment.

·         Maintains Home Value We inspect and perform routine maintenance tasks specifically for your home. Catching and stopping any deterioration will maintain the value of your home.

·         Reduced Cost of Home Repairs Maintaining is less costly than repairing.  Spend $100’s now in maintenance or $1000’s later in repairs. 

·         Maintenance Checklist At the time of sale you will have a detailed accounting of the maintenance records of your home, a potential great selling point

 To learn more about our program or to sign up please give our office a call at 402-502-5212.  We would be happy to get started this season for you.  Sign up this spring and allow Mr Handyman to become your financial "protector" for your home.