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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Concrete Maintenance

Concrete lasts forever doesn't it? It won't if it is not maintained properly. There are several things that can go wrong with concrete. Keeping it maintained will hold your long-term costs down. You do not want to spend $6,000 to $12,000 to replace it (average costs of tearing out and replacing a driveway these days) so again........spend hundred$ now in maintenance or thou$and$ later in repairs.

Common problems with concrete are:

Heave or Undermining

Moisture in the form of snow melt and rain channel into the seams of a driveway or sidewalk and wash away dirt under the slab causing the pad to fall an inch or two and crack (Undermining). Moisture can also get under the pad swelling the dirt, freeze in cold weather, expanding upward to form a trip hazard (Heave). Both conditions can be avoided with proper maintenance (applying a top-quality seam sealer).


Moisture will also seep into the very minor surface cracks, freeze and break-out small amounts of concrete. This usually looks like small "pok" marks, divots or craters like the moon's surface. Though not as critical as the other two conditions it is an eyesore and will continue to deteriorate at a fast rate once it begins. It can be avoided if properly maintained by applying a good quality surface sealer.

Mr. Handyman has professional service technicians with many years of experience in performing this type of task. We also use the best quality products so the life expectancy of the repair is the greatest. Our surface sealer comes with a 5 year manufacturer warranty and the seam sealer we use is expected to last about that long as well.