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Thursday, September 17, 2009

September is National Disaster Prepardness Month

The three basic steps to prepare for any type of disaster that may affect your family's well-being are.

1. Create an emergency preparedness kit. This should include one to draw from in the event you may be stuck in the home for extended periods of time (need for food, water, flashlight, radio, blankets etc) or one that you will need to bolt from the house (in the case of a local chemical leak, flood, etc.)

2. Make a plan to follow when disaster strikes. Discuss the plan with family members and keep copies that you may take with you. It should include point of contacts and places to go in an emergency event.

3. Stay informed. Keeping up with local radio, TV and emergency hotlines may save your life. The hand-crank radios are a great addition to any emergency kit.