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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tip$.... On the House

Texture Matching on a Ceiling

Matching texture on a ceiling is difficult task, one that I (Dan) do not posess. I have hired folks that are good at it but sometimes it might not be perfect. Attempting to match it and failing, or not being completely satisfied is better than removing all of the texture from the ceiling and starting over. It depends on your expectations. Mr. Handyman has technicians that are skilled at it and it is well worth allowing them to attempt it prior to removing it throughout the whole ceiling. It is not a task I recommend doing yourself if you want good results.

Stains on Concrete

Oil and grease can be removed with some kitty litter. Rub the clay litter into the stained spot with the bottom of your shoe. Use a de-greaser if needed. Pressure wash and reapply if needed.

Squeeks in a Floor

Some squeeks can be solved with a screw that you break off under the carpet layer. There are several different types available at hardware stores. Some times the squeek is actually from the junction of the wall and floor. You may need to tap in a few shims under the wall structure to solve those. It takes some time to investigate and resolve them so be patient.