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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Fall Maintenance

Each season Mr Handyman is asked to complete repairs on some of our best customer’s homes.  Many times these repairs could have been avoided and even eliminated if the maintenance had been completed the season before.  It does not take long for minor neglect in the maintenance to turn in to a huge repair issue.  Here are just a few examples where the neglect of the maintenance has cost the homeowner in a huge way:

Case #1 Neglected Wood Rot
In April 2011, a client asked Mr Handyman to pressure wash and stain his deck prior to having a graduation party the next month.  While performing the requested work we noticed the start of wood rot under a bank of windows.  The estimated repairs would run in the $1000-$1500 range if completed at that time.  In December of 2014 as our customer was preparing to get his home ready to sell he requested we finally complete the wood rot repairs.  The rot had gotten so bad that the wood structural components holding up the whole side of the home had to be replaced, removing and replacing the bank of windows at a cost over $12,000.    
Had this client completed the repairs in 2011 he would have saved around $11,000 in money he sunk into a home he eventually sold.  Had he chose not to complete the work he may not have sold his home. 

Case #2 Soffit and Fascia Repairs
In March, 2015 a first time Mr Handyman customer asked us to perform some repairs to rotted wood along the edge of her forty-year old home.  She had not been diligent in cleaning her gutters every spring and fall and the clogged gutters would back-up and allow water to drain behind and down the edge of the home, where water was not meant to be.  When we opened up the rotted areas it was obvious some pretty shoddy previous work had been completed in the past.  When we discussed her repair options she elected to have us just cover up the fascia and soffit and not to pay any attention to the other underlying issues.  Maybe a similar decision was made before? 

This customer’s choice to go the “cheapest” route to home repairs may be costing her so much more money than if she would have elected to have the repairs completed professionally the first time.  Also the neglect of a 2X per year gutter cleaning has caused her to spend over $1800 in the one repair we completed for her, not to mention a previous repair.     
These are just two of the many, many examples of repair costs that could have been avoided with routine maintenance.  If budget and costs keep you from having the maintenance completed where will you find the funds for the eventual repairs?  In most cases I think people forget about the maintenance or simply do not have the time or expertise to get it done. 

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