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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Are Alarm Systems Safe?

Many homeowners have an alarm system installed in their home thinking it will stop a criminal from breaking into their home.  Some believe the yard sign alone acts like a deterrent, that a burglar may pass over a particular home with an alarm company logo out front but will it actually stop the determined criminal from breaking in?

The most valuable thing an alarm system can offer is notification of a trigger event.  It will notify the homeowner, the alarm company and, through their third-party call center, the police that a break-in occurred, presence of fire or smoke, a carbon monoxide leak or a panic situation such as a hostage event is taking place.

The installed alarm systems are touted as providing the homeowner “peace of mind” and a guarantee of your family’s safety is ensured.  They sell millions of systems under these pretenses.  Don’t get me wrong, alarm systems have their place.  I've had them for all of the benefits I know they offer but I also know that they are just one component of ensuring peace and security in my home.

A determined burglar does not fear the alarm company yard sign.  He knows with one swift kick on the door he and his band of thieves can rummage through your home, gather up their bounty, load up their vehicle and be gone before the police are able to respond.  The average police response time nationwide is seven minutes.  That’s once the police have been notified, after the alarm company has gone through their call procedures.  Realistically, more than 10 minutes may pass before the black and white vehicle pulls up.

Ok, now picture the determined psychopath.  It could be the ex-husband, your daughter’s ex-boyfriend or the irate parent of the child your son tackled in Pop Warner football the night before.  What will stop this lunatic from entry into your home to do you and your loved ones harm?  The alarm system panic bottom may get the police there… seven minutes?  What harm could a crazed psychopath do in that amount of time?  Would your family ever recover from such an event?

The best defense is to keep them from gaining entry until help can arrive or you can arm yourself.  Most burglars and crazed psychopaths break down the front door to gain immediate access.  The door frame fails because there is only about ½ inch of soft wood to break through at the latch and dead-bolt.  It’s relatively easy for someone to kick with enough force to bust through it. 

Mr Handyman sells and installs a door protection system that reinforces the door frame, the door hinge side and the handle area that will stop the most crazed psychopath from kicking in your door.  It is inexpensive and would be a great addition to your home security system.  Call and ask for Dan at 402-502-5212 for more information.