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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring Home Maintenance

Spring cleaning gets all of the attention this time of year, but spring maintenance proves just as important, even more so in certain situations. Get your home in shape with this Spring Home Maintenance Checklist.

1. Inspect Gutters and Downspouts
Gutters and downspouts must be free of debris and damage to correctly direct water away from your home’s foundation, which is their sole purpose.  You do not want to learn about a clog by seeing water in your basement.

2. Remove Trees and Shrubs from Around House
Trees and shrubs can brush up against siding and cause damage during a windstorm. Foliage traps moisture against the house.  Trees and shrubs should be at least 12 inches from the edge of the home.

3. Inspect Caulking Around Doors and Windows
Check the caulk around windows and doors each season, as temperature changes can cause cracks, which lets air leak in and out of your home. Water and critters also can get in.

4. Inspect Wood Decks, Railings, Windowsills and Steps
Inspect the wood structure around your home for rot that took hold during the winter months. If boards become soft or splinter, they create an unsafe situation for you and your family. Replace whenever necessary.

5. Remove Mildew and Moss From Decks and Patios With Pressure Washer
Pressure washing sprays away unwanted mildew or moss from just about any surface. Use it to clean your tile patio, wooden deck, or concrete driveway and/or walkway.

6. Clean and Inspect Window Screens
Give your window screens a once-over to ensure no critters or pests can work their way through bent frames, holes or tears. A little work now will keep you from having to remove unwanted guests from your home.

7. Look for Moisture in Basement and Crawl Space
When you do get a good rain, look for leaks in your crawl space or basement that could turn into costly repairs. Also check regularly under sinks and in
the kitchen and laundry room to ensure pipes are intact.

8. Inspect Laundry Room Hoses for Cracking
Your laundry room also can be a source of flooding. Check the water-supply hoses each spring for cracks.

9. Inspect Grout & Caulking in Bathrooms
Check your
bathroom grout and caulking for discoloration and cracking. It costs much less to replace now than waiting for the damage to happen.

10. Replace Batteries in Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

They should get fresh batteries twice a year, instead of when the chirping detector wakes you at 3 a.m.