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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What? No Air-Conditioning?

If you do not have air-conditioning or if you lost yours due to failure here are a few tips to stay cool in your home.

1. Pare down the amount of clothing you wear in your home. Cottons, linens or nylons do not hold the heat.

2. Take a short 5-10 minute COLD shower whenever you feel too hot. Right before you crawl into bed is a great time to cool down. Make sure to get your hair wet.

3. Keep hydrated. Your bodys own temperature regulator is most efficient when fully hydrated. Water and tea are the best choices

4. Use fans. If the outside temperature is less than the inside, use a fan to move the cooler air inside. Run the fan all night. Open cabinet doors, crack the garage door etc. Cool down everything possible. Blow the fan on a frozen water bottle or milk jug if needed for direct cooling.

5. Keep the shades closed on the West and South sides of your home. Any direct sunlight that gets in is heating the surface it hits.

6. Turn off the lights. Replace incandescent bulbs with the compact flouresenct ones that run cooler.

7. Turn off heat producing appliances. Run the dishwasher, washer, dryer etc at night when it it cooler. Grill out.

8. Hide the therometer. Dwelling on the "number" may keep you miserable.

9. On the real hot days go to the pool or take in a movie.