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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Got bed bugs? Don't panic

Mr. Handyman has received several calls requesting more information about bed bugs from the information presented last week.

It has not become such a wide-spread problem that you should be terribly concerned. There are "pockets" of infestations at UNL and now at UNK.

If you currently do not have bed bugs do not panic. Take these precautions to help keep from getting them.

Purchase some DE (Diatomaceous Earth) and lightly sprinkle the powder along the cracks and crevices on your bedroom floor and along the piping of your mattress.

If you have a student returning from school or from travel abroad empty the contents of their suitcase (or dirty laundry bag if a student) in the garage and place the contents directly in the dryer on a high heat setting.

Let the dryer run for 1/2 hour on high setting.

If you get bed bugs the DE can be effective for a DIY treatment.  Tractor Supply claims a product they sell, Tempo, is very effective as well.

If you get to a complete infestation call in the experts and seek the heat treatment.

You can also purchase bed bug insurance which covers the costs of eradicating the little buggers.