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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Keep the Chill Out! Shrink-Wrap your windows

Several listeners have asked how effective shrink-film is on windows.

I can attest that shrink-film does work! I have used it for several years on leaky, drafty windows. The extra layer of plastic adds another barrier to the harsh winter cold infiltrating into your home.
Not to tout one brand over the other but my service technicians contend that 3M sells the better product. The reasoning is they have the better quality double-stick tape for attaching the film on the window trim, which is the usual point of early failure.

To have a great installation that will last throughout the winter season follow these simple guidelines.

1. Purchase more than what is stated on the box. The box I bought stated it would cover ten windows. It actually only covered six. You can always save the extra for next year.

2. Wipe off the trim where the tape will go with denatured alcohol or the alcohol pads that come with the kit.

3. When you cut and install the film onto the tape do not pull it tight, allow some sag. Make sure that the film does not bunch up at the tape lines though.
4. When using the hair dryer to shrink the film do not hold it too close. If the film shrinks too much it will pull the tape off of the trim.

Sealing up the windows for winter is a great way to make your living space more comfortable and cut down on your heating costs. That cold, harsh "Old Man Winter" will be here soon enough!

This is just one very inexpensive way to take a bite out of the harsh cold weather while enjoying the warmth of your home. Go GREEN and save a little green at the same time. It should cost just a couple of dollars to cover each window.